Understanding the Rates from Holiday Goers’ Angle

This is indeed the season, to hit the road for a good holiday. Since Hari Raya is just around the corner and school holiday has finally arrived, families in Indonesia are busy planning their getaways. Most prefer to be with their loved ones in their hometown to hold the Hari Raya family traditions. But some are eyeing touristic destinations like Bali  and even those outside the country to benefit from this school and office break. Singapore and Thailand are the most popular foreign destinations for Indonesians, in terms of being visited. Since they are in the same region, flight tickets tend to be cheaper and not time consuming. From the two graphics below, we can see the hiking trend they share starting on June 12 when some schools in Indonesia officially started their holiday.

Another recently trending destination is Japan, despite the considerably long flight, Indonesians in their 30s and 40s are really looking forward to visit Japan. Since I’m in this age range, I can explain the reason behind this trend. My generation grew up in translated Japanese cartoon and comics, or anime and manga. We can sing the opening theme of Fujiko Fujio’s Doraemon like a “generational” anthem, in Indonesian of course. Candy candy is the first Japanese comic translated into Indonesian and it quickly became a hit among female readers. With these in mind and being in the most productive range of age, holiday in Japan is very much possible. And here’s the chart of currency.

Let’s compare Rupiah’s performance against US Dollar and Euro.

Euro is experiencing some slight hike while US Dollar goes the other way around. Europe might be far but it has always been “the” holiday destination. With Paris the city of love as the most visited place on earth, surely this is not a surprise. But these two currencies have larger massive pools that demand from holiday goers just doesn’t count very much. Other issues are taking in, US withdrawals from Paris Pact, another sinking episode of oil price, Britain’s commitment to Brexit, etc.

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